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Ultimate guide to making your student flat feel festive!

If you are a university goer, then your first term will be quickly coming to an end! And, we all know what that means – it’s nearly Christmas! The majority of students will venture home over the Christmas break from uni to celebrate with family and friends – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start of the festivities by decorating your student flat just like you would at home. Whether you fancy yourself as a Christmas fiend or you fall more into Grinch category, it can be nice to give your student flat a touch of tidings of comfort and joy! Get merry with your friends and flatmates in the run up to returning home, and give your flat that festive feel by making the most of your smaller space without breaking the student loan budget. So, here is our Newcastle Student Housing ultimate guide to making your student flat feel festive… Buy affordable decorations! It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also an extremely expensive one, especially for students strapped for cash after blowing the student loan. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the festivities! If you’re looking […]
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Top Tips: Make your student accommodation feel like home!

We all know how daunting it can be heading off to university, you are filled with all kinds of emotions – excitement, nerves, and crazy tummy butterflies thinking about what the unknown is going to be like! All the hard work slaving over your revision has paid off and it’s about time you enjoy yourself! If you’re starting to plan the big move away or have recently moved into your new student accommodation, making it feel like a home away from home can be difficult. Arriving to the bare walls of your student room can be slightly deflating, however, fear not your new home won’t resemble a soulless cell-block for long! Making your new environment resemble your home can provide a lot of comfort when adjusting to life in a new city and help you reflect your style and personality to new friends. So get yourself down to Homesense and get Mum and Dad to treat you to some last bits and bobs before you fly the nest. Don’t worry because following these top Newcastle Student Housing tips will make your student accommodation feel like home before you know it… Top Tip #1 SWEET DREAMS You will spend a whole […]
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Best Places for Student Accommodation in Newcastle

Newcastle has been a popular choice for students for a number of years, and who can blame them it’s brilliant! The city has it all to offer – beautiful architecture, friendly Geordie culture, and abundant nightlife. It was even named one of the happiest cities in the UK last year! Whether you have recently moved to the city as a student or you are in your second or third year of a degree at Newcastle or Northumbria University, finding a student property in an area you are not familiar with can often feel daunting. Finding a student property can involve organising a group of friends to get together or moving into a spare room in an already established flat and let’s face it, getting it right can often be tricky. However, do not fret because Newcastle has something for everyone! Thankfully, as an area famed for its extensive student population, the city has an endless supply of student housing and an array of options for all budgets! So, if you’re struggling to decide where to set up home here is the Newcastle Student Housing expert guide to the top three student areas in the beautiful city of Newcastle…. #1 Jesmond […]
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Best Student Nights Out Newcastle

Whether you’ve just secured a place at university or recently moved to the city as a young professional (don’t leave your student days behind just yet!) it’s time for your orientation to the toon. In a city passionate about its rich clubbing heritage the only way to hit the ground running is to adorn your glad rags and hit the twilight zone of Newcastle. There’s no better way to pop your Geordie cherry and ease the often daunting adjustment to a new city by gathering the troops and solidifying new friendships over a tipple or two, three, four……! The city may lead you to draw associations with the outlandish Geordie Shore party personas but it will not fail to disappoint as your perfect party host, offering no limit of bars, clubs, and pubs to suit your needs. From stags to students – if you’re in it till the AM, Newcastle will be sure to represent as the (not so) Angel of the North. Here are our top picks… Mimos 8 Pudding Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UE Start with a bang and pre hard! Wherever you might find yourself by the end of the night, it has to begin with […]
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Just graduated? Here’s what to do now…

You’ve just graduated, and now you are left to decide what new path to take. It’s an exciting time in your life, and plenty of opportunities will soon open up. With every graduate there is a looming sense of fear and unease that inevitably comes with the excitement of it all. It is important to think about everything you have learnt in your degree, and what it has prepared you for. Here is a small guide of things to consider after you have graduated. Don’t turn down interviews In a panic, you may find yourself applying for lots of different jobs, and you may happen to get interviews for the ones you didn’t expect to. Although, you may feel it would be pointless to attend these interviews, you never know if it could be something you actually might want to do and it could change your mind if you attend. Or, if anything, the experience of the interview process will definitely come in handy when you come across a graduate job you really want. Seek experience You don’t have to jump straight into a full time paid role after you graduate – although you probably think you’re expected to. Any […]
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A student guide to making the most of your summer off

Summer is great for students to let their hair down after a busy term of studying and exams, it is so important to have that well-deserved break you’ve been longing for. We have suggested a few enjoyable – and also useful – things to do this summer, to make the most of your time off. Get networking Even though you have finished university for the summer, it is important to still carry on networking throughout your time off – you probably already do this without even thinking! Keep meeting new people, make new connections on LinkedIn and never stop keeping a log of everything you do. This will ultimately help you in the long-run when you have finished your degree and need some useful contacts. Get a summer job or internship Although taking a whole summer off seems like a good idea to begin with, we understand it can get feel a bit mundane after the first few weeks. Getting yourself a part-time summer job or even a short-term internship could be the best option for you. After all, you will need a bit of spare cash to fund your exciting activities this summer! Make sure you take a look […]
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How to help with exam stress

It is exam season, and many may be getting stressed with the whole situation. Trying to keep calm and keep your cool can be difficult. So that’s why we have created a guide to help you try and relax and keep calm. Prioritise your time Make sure you plan out your time well, if you have more than one exam, it is best to draw out your exams on a calendar, with set times on when you want to revise for each one. Make sure you know how much you need to spend on each exam. Organisation is key. So make sure you are prepared and know exactly what is happening. List what topics are in each section, when you have revised that section, tick it off so you know where you are up to. Writing to-do-lists is essential, do this every day. This will help you understand where you are in your day and help keep a structured plan. Exercise Exercise is essential to keep your body and mind in the right place. It might be the last thing on your mind in this busy period, however, you will feel better afterwards. It fills your brain with endorphins, which […]
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Tips to help a graduate secure a job

So you are finishing your degree, the end is in sight. Everyone is asking you what you are going to do and where you are going on to. It can be difficult to find a job which you want and which suits your degree, therefore, we have created a guide to help you secure a graduate job.   Choose the field Just because you have a degree in one area, it doesn’t mean that has to be the area you have to work in. Many companies employ graduates because they have a degree and it shows certain types of qualities in a person. They don’t necessarily look at the degree type. (Yet obviously in some cases it is essential you have the right degree for the job.)   Build up your experience As the graduate market is getting harder and harder to enter. It is essential that you have some experience to help put you above the rest. If you have to work in other jobs which aren’t specific to your career, then work in them until you find one which you do. It will not only give you an edge when the right job becomes available, but it will […]
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Student finance – What is it all about?

When it comes to student finance, it is a difficult topic to cover, but we are going to try our best and explain the tricky topic which is student finance.   Summary The maximum amount of tuition fee a university can charge is £9,250 a year. However, a university can charge any amount from free up to this amount, yet most universities charge around £9,000. Full time students starting in 2018 can apply for a maximum loan of £8,700, yet this is dependant of your household income. At the end of the three years, an average student will end up with around £50,000 worth of debt. Yet you won’t start repaying the debt off until you earn £25,000 each year. With repayments of 9% of anything above this. The loan will be cleared when you pay your debt off, or after 30 years, any outstanding debt is cleared.   Myths about tuition fees There are so many myths about tuition fees, so we thought we would put some of them to bed.   You have to be rich to go to university This is a total myth; the university is for all income families. This is why different students receive […]
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Gender pay gap at Universities

For the first time ever, Universities have had to require their gender pay gap results as part of the government trying to crack down on this big issue. The data shows what was expected; with all universities apart from 3, paid men more than women. The majority of universities paid men more than women with a pay gap in double figures. Some as high as 37.4% difference. This came about due to the government stating that all businesses with employees over 250 have to state their gender pay gap. On average in this industry, the gender pay gap came to 18.4%. Compared to the national average of 9.7%%, it is almost double.     What is the gender pay gap? It is essential that it is not confused with equal pay. This is where men and women are being paid the same amount for the same job being done. However, this has been a legal requirement since 1970. Yet, gender pay gap is the difference between what men and women earn in an organisation or society as a whole.   Why is there gender pay gap? There are many different types of factors which affect this, whether it being senior […]
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