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decorate uni room

decorate uni room

Decorate your uni room in style

Be the trend setter of your uni friends with these interior design trends perfect to brighten up your uni room. If you have got into your room and are thinking you have no idea what to do with this huge bare room, fear not! We have some great ideas to help you make the most of your room and show you how to decorate your uni room in style.   Add lighting While natural daylight is great, it is always good to have some additional lighting to your room. Most girls go for the fairy light effect, while boys find it harder on choosing additional lighting. We would suggest the Pixar style lamp, these are cheap, and look great too!   Add a rug A rug tends to finish off a room, they not only look good but they are also very practical. As you are in university accommodation, any marks or damages will have to be paid for, and so a rug will help clear any spillages on the floor, meaning no charges will be coming your way! The in-trend rugs at the moment are the geometrical style. They draw your eye into a focal point, allowing you to […]
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