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Student landlords in Newcastle

The team at Newcastle Student Housing, realise that finding an appropriate student tenant for your property is high on your priority list. Student landlords want tenants that they know will keep their property in good order, our experienced team will ensure that you’re receiving the highest standard of service.

Here at Newcastle Student Housing, we have the experience and learning to give each proprietor an independently custom-fitted support of live up to their prerequisites and desires from us, yet additionally furnish an individual administration with a well disposed, or more every one of the genuine and straight approach.

We adopt a hands-on strategy to property letting and administration and with us owning and dealing with most by far of properties in our portfolio, we know precisely what it resembles to stroll in the shoes of a Landlord and we convey this ability and learning over into the administration of properties for our customers.

To put it gruffly, we don’t simply care for the properties, we deal with and know every last single property as though it were our own. We as of now manage an extensive variety of proprietors who have from one property to a substantial arrangement of properties so we’re in an awesome position to prompt you about showcasing, controls and so forth, and can enable you to decide if your property is more suited to the expert or understudy advertise.

Things to consider before becoming a student landlord

Renting your property out to students can seem like a stressful process, and there are normally negative connotations to becoming a student landlord. For example, students are notorious for having parties and alcohol-fuelled evenings – which can sometimes result in damage to the property or even furniture. There are always ways to combat this sort of issue – preparing additional costs and putting in place a damage deposit will cover yourself and your property on any unforeseen damages. Students looking to rent a property will generally need a guarantor, while this is normally expected by the student and should not be an issue – it can add some stress and time to the process. The potential risk of losing tenants is heightened with students, as there is always a risk of them dropping out their course. This could prove a problem if you end up with a room with no occupant and therefore, not making any money from it.

Student tenants and becoming a student landlord should not be seen as all negatives, there are generally more positives to becoming a student landlord. The market for student housing is huge, and it just keeps growing! The number of students in Newcastle specifically is continuing to increase – as it is proving to be a great place to study. This means that you shouldn’t find any issues in finding student tenants and also if you happen to face any problems – such as a tenant dropping out, you should find a new one in no time. As a student landlord, you can also gain more income per room. Unlike renting out a property which isn’t for students, the occupants will be paying to rent a room rather than a whole house – which means the yield should be higher.

So if this sounds like the sort of administration you’re searching for, for what reason not call us today and stop for a moment to talk with one of the group?


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