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Top Tips: Make your student accommodation feel like home!

Top Tips: Make your student accommodation feel like home!
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We all know how daunting it can be heading off to university, you are filled with all kinds of emotions – excitement, nerves, and crazy tummy butterflies thinking about what the unknown is going to be like! All the hard work slaving over your revision has paid off and it’s about time you enjoy yourself! If you’re starting to plan the big move away or have recently moved into your new student accommodation, making it feel like a home away from home can be difficult. Arriving to the bare walls of your student room can be slightly deflating, however, fear not your new home won’t resemble a soulless cell-block for long! Making your new environment resemble your home can provide a lot of comfort when adjusting to life in a new city and help you reflect your style and personality to new friends. So get yourself down to Homesense and get Mum and Dad to treat you to some last bits and bobs before you fly the nest. Don’t worry because following these top Newcastle Student Housing tips will make your student accommodation feel like home before you know it…

Top Tip #1


You will spend a whole lot of time in one place during your first year at university – your bed, and I mean A LOT of time! So it’s absolutely worth investing in making your bed comfortable and cool. Don’t let people’s first impressions of you be walking into your room and seeing a Disney duvet, stay stylish and give yourself a uni upgrade with some plush new bedding. It doesn’t need to break the bank – Primark, ASDA, and IKEA do some great affordable options that will last you through your university career. Liven up your bed with some fluffy pillows and cosy blankets and you’ll be good to go! After a hectic night of socialising, you’ll be dying to get back into that inviting bed.

Top Tip #2


Lighting your student accommodation appropriately can be highly effective when creating a cosy and homely ambience. Unfortunately, student rooms often resemble a hospital ward when it comes to lighting, so set the mood by hanging up fairy lights and bringing your own low light bedside lamp for night time reading. To many people’s disappoint, candles aren’t often allowed in student accommodation and student housing due to the obvious health and safety risk so be sure to ask your landlord or accommodation provider before you spark up.

Top Tip #3


Pictures of friends and family are an absolute must when accessorising your new student digs! It may seem like something your mum would say, but mums are right (sometimes!) and having photos of your loved ones can be extremely comforting if you are feeling homesick. Plus, photos can be a great talking point when inviting new friends into your room and help let them learn a little bit more about you and where you have come from. It takes seconds to get photos printed online from the likes of Snapfish and put them up in a collage around your room or in quirky frames and reminisce about past memories of home.

Top Tip #4


Alongside photos, wall art is another great way to jazz up those blank student accommodation walls with colour and personality. Collect posters, postcards or illustrated greetings cards to create eclectic wall art in your room. It may be a fresher cliche, but another great way to add some interest is to invest in a wall hanging or tapestry. Check out Urban Outfitters for some great options, or if you’re lucky enough you may have picked one up during your gap year travels!

TOP TIP– Be sure to use white tac to avoid getting charged for marking your walls!

Top Tip #5


There is nothing worse than cramming your whole life into a shoebox uni room. Don’t leave yourself living in a cluttered chaos so stay organised and come prepared with some top storage solutions when moving into your new space. Here are some great organisation items that you might never have thought of…

  • Extension plug
  • Laundry basket
  • Bottle open – you will be a lifesaver of any party, thank me later!
  • Under bed storage
  • Storage boxes
  • Shoe rack
  • Bath matt

Top Tip #6


Banish those bland student accommodation floors with soft cosy rugs. This may seem like an entirely unnecessary expenditure but trust me, picking up a cheap rug from your local homeware store can be a great addition to making any room feel more like home. Faux fur or shaggy styles will add some warmth into your room and also provide a perfect space for people to pitch upon for pre-drinks when cramming into you tight and chair lacking room.

Top Tip #7


If you are in university halls of residence heating is typically switched on and off according to a timer, so if you are one for feeling the cold investing in a small, portable heater to keep your space toasty and warm. This is even more imperative if you are in private student flat share and paying for your own utility bills! Another great one if you feel like pushing the boat out is a heated blanket – they aren’t an item you’ll regret purchasing.

Top Tip #8


Whether you are in catered or catered halls of residence or a shared student property having your own person kettle in your room is a very comforting addition to making your space feel more like home. Yes – it’s good to get out and socialise in the shared kitchen spaces of your accommodation, however, there is one exception to this rule and that’s having your own kettle. Having your own kettle enables you to make a tea, coffee or even Pot Noodle whenever you fancy without the faff of worrying you’ll bump into someone in the kitchen whilst in your dressing gown at midday! When you have a pressing deadline or simply want to invite pals round for a cuppa this will be a godsend and make your room feel far more like your own little abode.

Top Tip #9


Two words- door stop! It’s an absolute must during your first term of freshers and will help you look inviting to guests and approachable and eager to meet new people.

Top Tip #10


Let the tunes boom! Taking a portable speaker to your university accommodation can come in extremely handy when inviting people over to your room for a night out warm out. Remember to be considerate – no one wants a noise complaint in the first week!

We hope that these top tips prove effective and help you to make your student accommodation feel every bit like home! If you are still searching for student properties, Newcastle Student Housing are fortunate to have a plethora of properties around the Northeast region, particularly in the key students areas of Jesmond, Heaton, and Sandyford. If you are interested in student rental options and student flat shares please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0191 209 4556 or email one of our property advisors on info@prem-lets.co.uk.

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