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A student guide to making the most of your summer off

A student guide to making the most of your summer off
summer in Newcastle

Summer is great for students to let their hair down after a busy term of studying and exams, it is so important to have that well-deserved break you’ve been longing for. We have suggested a few enjoyable – and also useful – things to do this summer, to make the most of your time off.

Get networking

Even though you have finished university for the summer, it is important to still carry on networking throughout your time off – you probably already do this without even thinking! Keep meeting new people, make new connections on LinkedIn and never stop keeping a log of everything you do. This will ultimately help you in the long-run when you have finished your degree and need some useful contacts.

Get a summer job or internship

Although taking a whole summer off seems like a good idea to begin with, we understand it can get feel a bit mundane after the first few weeks. Getting yourself a part-time summer job or even a short-term internship could be the best option for you. After all, you will need a bit of spare cash to fund your exciting activities this summer! Make sure you take a look on recruitment websites such as Reed, Indeed and StudentJob UK.

Spend time with family and friends

You probably already know how hard it is to see friends and family around deadline/ exam season. Therefore, make it a priority to make up for lost time over summer! Especially if you live away from home for university, summer is a great time to go back to your family home and enjoy the ‘non-student’ life for a few months – even if it’s just to let your liver have a rest!

Start looking for your new accommodation

It is important to be prepared when looking for your new term accommodation. Start looking now, even if you don’t yet know who you’ll be living with or what student area you want to live in, it’s important to at least have an idea yourself. Here at Newcastle Student housing, we have a range of student flats and shared houses in a number of areas in Newcastle, such as Jesmond, Heaton, and Sandyford.

Prepare for your next term

Although this won’t be top of your priority list for your summer, if you have a spare few hours in a free day then we highly recommend taking a look over your module briefs for next term. You will thank yourself at the start of the new term for being one step ahead in summer.

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