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How to help with exam stress

How to help with exam stress
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It is exam season, and many may be getting stressed with the whole situation. Trying to
keep calm and keep your cool can be difficult. So that’s why we have created a guide to help
you try and relax and keep calm.

Prioritise your time

Make sure you plan out your time well, if you have more than one exam, it is best to draw
out your exams on a calendar, with set times on when you want to revise for each one.
Make sure you know how much you need to spend on each exam.

Organisation is key. So make sure you are prepared and know exactly what is happening.
List what topics are in each section, when you have revised that section, tick it off so you
know where you are up to. Writing to-do-lists is essential, do this every day. This will help
you understand where you are in your day and help keep a structured plan.


Exercise is essential to keep your body and mind in the right place. It might be the
last thing on your mind in this busy period, however, you will feel better afterwards. It fills
your brain with endorphins, which are happy hormones. Helping relieve stress and keep you
feeling relaxed.

Give yourself breaks

This is essential. Putting yourself under a lot of pressure and stress will not help, it is
important that you give yourself a break and do something which you enjoy. Make sure you
go out with friends and family and take your mind of things for a bit.

Set realistic goals

Put things into perspective, however long you have left before your exam, make sure you
are realistic in what you can do in the time period. This will not only help you relax and keep
calm, but it will leave you feeling accomplished by doing what you planned to do rather than
feel deflated.

Get support from family and friends

Talk to family and friends, let them know if you are struggling. Don’t go through the stress
on your own. Talk about it, and most of the time, this will help you feel more relaxed by
talking through your situation.

After going through these steps, there is one last thing to say…Good luck!

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