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Just graduated? Here’s what to do now…

Just graduated? Here’s what to do now…
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You’ve just graduated, and now you are left to decide what new path to take. It’s an exciting time in your life, and plenty of opportunities will soon open up. With every graduate there is a looming sense of fear and unease that inevitably comes with the excitement of it all. It is important to think about everything you have learnt in your degree, and what it has prepared you for. Here is a small guide of things to consider after you have graduated.

Don’t turn down interviews

In a panic, you may find yourself applying for lots of different jobs, and you may happen to get interviews for the ones you didn’t expect to. Although, you may feel it would be pointless to attend these interviews, you never know if it could be something you actually might want to do and it could change your mind if you attend. Or, if anything, the experience of the interview process will definitely come in handy when you come across a graduate job you really want.

Seek experience

You don’t have to jump straight into a full time paid role after you graduate – although you probably think you’re expected to. Any experience will benefit yourself when you’re ready to start looking for a proper full time role. Rather than feeling like you need to go and find a paid job straight away, give yourself time to gain working experience. Because although, you feel as though you have relevant experience from your degree, having the experience in a working environment is normally completely different and something you have to gain through work placements or internships.

Don’t just accept any job

Despite what we previously mentioned about going on any interview you get – that doesn’t mean you need to accept literally any job that is offered to you. Having the confidence to turn a job down when you know it isn’t right for yourself is so important. Most graduates definitely feel like they need to accept the first job opportunity that comes along. If it is the right job for you, then of course accept it – however if you leave an interview feeling like it wasn’t for you then don’t feel inclined to accept it and don’t feel bad about it!

Don’t compare yourself to other graduates

Although it may not seem it, no university graduate is perfect. Perhaps you have been turned down for a job role that you really wanted, don’t take any feedback to heart, simply learn from it. And, regardless of other grads getting their dream job, don’t let that put you down – your dream role will come around sooner than later!
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