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Tips to help a graduate secure a job

Tips to help a graduate secure a job
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So you are finishing your degree, the end is in sight. Everyone is asking you what you are going to do and where you are going on to. It can be difficult to find a job which you want and which suits your degree, therefore, we have created a guide to help you secure a graduate job.


Choose the field

Just because you have a degree in one area, it doesn’t mean that has to be the area you have to work in. Many companies employ graduates because they have a degree and it shows certain types of qualities in a person. They don’t necessarily look at the degree type. (Yet obviously in some cases it is essential you have the right degree for the job.)


Build up your experience

As the graduate market is getting harder and harder to enter. It is essential that you have some experience to help put you above the rest. If you have to work in other jobs which aren’t specific to your career, then work in them until you find one which you do. It will not only give you an edge when the right job becomes available, but it will give you a general idea and understanding of the working life.


Use social media

Before you even apply to any jobs, ensure your social media is presentable to an employee. Make sure you are private and present yourself well to potential future employers.

Also use social media to your advantage, LinkedIn is a great platform to use when applying for jobs. You can really express your interests on there and connect with other professionals within the industry you want to pursue.

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Stay motivated

It can be demoralising and difficult to pick yourself up when a job offer gets declined. But don’t worry, that’s just the process you have to go through to get that dream job! Keep yourself motivated, and occupied. Set yourself targets of applying to a certain number of jobs each day!


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