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Student essentials – Before you move in by yourself!

Student essentials – Before you move in by yourself!
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Living on your own is a big step for anyone, especially when you are still young. So, ensuring you are prepared is key. And as it is probably your first time you’ve lived away, we have created a guide to help you get prepared.


Learn how to cook

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Most students when they first leave home will probably not know how to cook, therefore it is essential to know a few basic recipes. If you don’t, you’ll be forced to rely on ready meals and takeaways. Although this may sound good, it won’t be good for your bank balance…trust us! A basic tomato sauce, perfect for pasta and chicken, is essential. It is quick and easy, ideal for the student living!


Know your rights as a tenant

When dealing with a private landlord, they can be guileful about your rights, and could try to miscommunicate you over your rights. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why we believe it is better to go with a letting agency; like ourselves as we know the laws inside out and will ensure all practices are kept. However, it may be beneficial to read up a little on your rights as a student and a tenant.


Take the essentials

You’ll probably want to take everything including the kitchen sink! However, remember that you will only have a limited amount of space. So only bring what is important. Over time you will be collecting and buying new items. Which will just add more to the limited space you have! The essentials include, cooking equipment, utensils, bedsheets, shower products, clothes and a laptop to do coursework (and maybe a little binge series watching!).


If you are moving in your house, then there are plenty of hints and tips which you should take a look at before moving. Here at Newcastle Student Housing, we have great hints/tips to help you through university life and living in Newcastle. So take a look at our blog page. Browse through and let us know which is your favourite blog post! We have everything from a fresher’s survival guide to understanding how to pay the bills and what is the best process to take.

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