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Uni deadlines? Our New Year Survival Tips

Uni deadlines? Our New Year Survival Tips
uni deadlines

You may have had a relaxing Christmas break filled with home cooking, quality street and movie nights, but it’s back to uni season! That means it’s time to crack on with your uni deadlines and step out into the New Year on the right foot by getting ahead of the workload. Whether you are a first year or final year student, deadlines are no easy task and it can often feel as though all the stresses come at once. Here at Newcastle Student Housing, we know too well the pressure so here are our top tips for how to survive your New Year university deadlines this 2019…

#1 Don’t procrastinate!

Top tip number one is most definitely to stop procrastinating – get it done now! It can be easy to let things slip and prioritise catching up with friends over a night in the library but trust us, if you keep on top of those deadlines you will thank yourself in the long run.

#2 Manage your time!

Planning is key to surviving uni deadline! Manage your time far better with forward planning and a sincere respect for deadlines. Buy a diary and keep it updated so you know where you are at with your workload and don’t let it get out of control. Try to stay focused on your work and utilise your library time wisely – that means keeping off Instagram!  

#3 Give yourself breaks!

Try to get into the habit of creating a healthy break pattern, whether it’s every hour, half an hour or for every 500 words, set something in place that works for you! Having something to look forward to can really spur you on when you feel that your creative juices have dried up. Go for a walk or meet up with friends and cheer yourself up.

#4 Be flexible!

Chances are any targets you initially set may be slightly ambitious! This is normal, everyone wants to optimistic about how much work they can get done certain period of time. Setbacks are common and different tasks can take longer than initially expected so don’t beat yourself up about it. This is all part of the joy of university work so don’t let yourself be demoralised. Decide what you want to achieve in a day, as opposed to a week and focus on one task at a time. Being realistic will hold your focus and keep you motivated!

#5 Curb the stress!

Managing your stress levels during deadlines is essential! Exercise is a great stress reliever and another great way to take breaks and improve your overall health and wellbeing during deadline season. Physical activity causes the body to produce endorphins and these feel-good neurotransmitters reduce stress by acting as natural painkillers –  how great!

Wishing you the best of luck with your New Year uni deadlines!

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