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Top tips for managing your money at university

Top tips for managing your money at university
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Despite getting student discount, living from a student budget can be hard! Being able to manage your finances through university is so important. To help you through your university life, we have put together our personal top tips to manage your money over your time at university.

Work out a budgeting plan

If your planning to live on your student loan plus any extra money you will get from a part time job, you should start to budget your income and outgoings in order to know if you have enough money to fund everything. Coming up with a spending plan will save yourself a lot of stress through the term!


Take a look at this student budget calculator to help get your finances in order.

Choose a good student bank account

Think about choosing a student bank account that would suit your needs. Most banks now offer incentives when you sign up to a student account with them, such as 0% overdrafts or railcards. It is worth having a look into all the different options before choosing your student bank account.

Get a part time job

If you’re struggling to live from the income of your student loan – even with some extra cash from your parents, it may be time to consider getting a part time job. It is recommended to not work more than 12 hours a week as well as doing your studies, but part time jobs are a great way to get a bit of extra money while making some friends along the way!

Take into consideration living costs

The cost of living can vary depending on the area you want to live. Here at Newcastle Student Housing, we offer a range of student flats in many different areas such as; Jesmond, Sandyford and Heaton. We take into consideration your budget and can recommend the perfect student property for you!

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