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Top revision tips

Top revision tips
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It is starting to become the dreaded exam season! So make sure you are well prepared for it. We know you have been doing exams for years now, but in case you have forgotten, or need a reminder, we have created a list of revision tips to help you get the best results you possibly can do.


Start early

You’ve probably told yourself throughout the whole year – start your revision early. But trust us, it helps! By starting early, it gives you more time to prepare and less time to stress.


Take breaks

Studying for one long break isn’t productive and ultimately is more stressful. It is recommended for you to study in one break for around 60-90 minutes. Once you have studied one session, take a break for around half an hour. This makes the revision seem less like a chore and it will help you remember your notes better. Giving your brain a rest etc.


Work in the environment for you

Whether it is the library or in your room, make sure you are revising in an environment which works for you. Whether you work best alone or with people, make sure you do that. Remember, if you get distracted by friends or the TV on in the background, don’t do it.



It is essential that you rest. Don’t try to revise all the time, you need plenty of rest to keep your mind active and occupied on other things. A full night’s sleep helps you learn new skills or retain information.


Set goals

Make sure you set yourself goals. This is in the sense of revision goals and rewards/incentives to help you get through the revision. It will make the work seem worth it. And it is healthy to ensure you have a good work/revision life balance. So make plans with friends at the night etc. to ensure you get the break you need and a motivation to finish the goal set so you can enjoy yourself.


Good luck, if you follow these revision tips we are sure you will do great!


If you are looking for more hints and information on student life/living in Newcastle, then check out our blog page!

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