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Things to do before you leave for Christmas

Things to do before you leave for Christmas
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Before you pack your bags ready to leave for christmas, there are a few things you need to remember! Make sure you go down this checklist to ensure you have a relaxing time.


Make sure your travel is sorted

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your travel to the last minute. If you are heading home on the train, then make sure you have booked your ticket in advance. Generally, the earlier you book the ticket the cheaper it will become. For cheaper tickets, aim to be flexible and try to avoid peak times.


An alternative option is to get the Megabus or National Express, they tend to be a lot cheaper however will usually take a lot longer to get to your destination. However, if you don’t mind about this, then it is usually a good option.


Get as much work done as you can


This sounds boring, but you will thank us later! As much as Christmas is about relaxing, as a student that doesn’t really happen. There are still parties to go to, home friends to catch up on and those dreaded deadlines to work towards! Yet, if you have done as much work as possible before the holidays, there is ultimately more time to spend with your friends and family at Christmas.


Make a list

Make a list, and check it…more than once! This may sound like something your mum does, but it does help! Write a list of everything you need to take home, then before you leave, check it and check it again! Make sure you include items such as your house keys, Christmas presents, make up, clothes, shoes, electrical items and most importantly your uni work!


Empty fridge

The last thing you want to be doing after a relaxing Christmas is cleaning out your fridge and cupboards with mouldy food. So make sure you clean out all food that could potentially get mouldy. Then just before you leave, make sure you empty the bins, this is essential to keeping the house not only smelling nice but keeping it bacteria free.


Don’t waste electricity

You don’t want to be paying for electricity you are not using. Therefore, make sure you turn off all plug sockets to make sure there is no unexpected bills. Make sure you get everyone else in the house to do the same as well, that way you are all sure that there is no electricity wastage.


Lock up


Lock everywhere before you leave. Double check everywhere! This is including things like windows and bedroom doors. Take an extra 5 minutes before leaving to double check all windows and doors. Then there isn’t the dreaded thought of leaving the back door open when you are 200 miles away from home.


For more hints and tips, take a look at our blog page. Click here to read more.

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