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Why students love Newcastle

Why students love Newcastle
newcastle student accommodation

Whether you live in Newcastle or elsewhere, Newcastle attracts thousands of students each year. And we are here to look at just why Newcastle is so good for students, and why people come from all over the country (and world) to study here.



Newcastle has two amazing universities on offer, both Newcastle University and Northumbria University have huge success rates and awards to their names. Newcastle as a city got named 4th best overall city to study in, due to many factors such as their nightlife, most affordable city, desirability for international students and much more.


Good job prospects

Many multinational companies are moving North due to the cheaper living standard. Which is beneficial for students wanting to stay up here, as great job prospects will constantly be coming into the city.


Affordable accommodation

Newcastle have plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. No matter what your budget, Newcastle will have an area and property suited to your needs. The areas we cover are all walking distances to the city centre and universities. Newcastle has hugely affordable properties, ranging from flats/apartments, terrace/detached houses and house shares. So we will always have you covered.



Newcastle has been voted as one of the best nights out in Europe, which is a big attraction point to the city. Its amazing nightlife is one which you won’t forget! From bars, pubs and nightclubs, Newcastle has it all.

Pint of beer on a bar in a traditional style English pub


If you are looking for culture, then Newcastle has it. From the world famous Angel of the North to the Baltic centre. Grey Street was voted the finest street in Britain, with its beautifully designed Georgian architecture. It is always a busy street, full of bars and restaurants.


Family city

Newcastle was recently named as the best place in the UK to bring up a family. This was due to its low crime rate, good school rate, low house prices and the average income. Therefore, many students stay or return in later life after university, as it is a great place to live after your studies.


If you are a student and would like to live in Newcastle, then get in touch with us. We have plenty of brilliant houses waiting for you to discover.

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