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What to take to university checklist

What to take to university checklist
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Off to uni in September? You’re probably wondering what items you should start packing to take with you. You’re probably planning on taking every single item you currently own with you, however, we have an essential checklist on what to take to university, and also what not to take!

Things you really should take to university

Important documents

Important documents, like your passport and/ or driving license, are essential – especially if you’re planning on exploring Newcastle’s nightlife, you’ll need some form of ID. Remember to also bring your university acceptance letter with you, as this could be a requirement to show as part of the registration onto your course. We would also highly recommend, bringing any student finance letters or documents with yourself to university – you never know when you may need to ring them and need any documents on hand.

Make a checklist for your electrical items

Being a student, you’re more than likely to have a massive amount of electrical items you need to bring with you to university. Organising every item you’re bringing so you know what chargers to pack as well will be very beneficial to yourself when it comes to actually pack. It could end up being very costly if you forget a certain charger or electrical items, or you may even be stuck without your laptop charger for a few days while you’re waiting for it to get sent from home.

Kitchen utensil checklist

If you’re moving into a student flat or student accommodation, you may be wondering what type of appliances you actually need to bring with you. If it isn’t clearly stated or you are unable to ask anyone what is already at the property, then we recommend only taking the very basics. You can always buy more items if you need to! Take one of everything to begin with – one glass & one mug, one plate and one bowel, etc.

Bedroom checklist

The main list of things you should take with yourself in regards to bedding and your bedroom,  always take bedsheet with you; including bed cover, duvet cover and pillow covers – as well as your own duvet and pillows. Which means finding out what type of bed you have is a priority. In student halls you normally have a single bed, however, if you’re moving into a student flat you may even have the luxury of a double bed.

Things you don’t need to take

Decorative items are essential when making your student accommodation really feeling like your new home, however, if you’re struggling for space to bring your things to your new accommodation we wouldn’t prioritise decorative items. Obviously, apart from sentimental items – you can always buy little things to decorate your bedroom when you get to your new accommodation!

When packing for university you may be thinking about bringing your whole entire wardrobe with you – however, this is so unnecessary! Do you really need to bring every single pair of shoes with you? The reality of it is that you’re going to start afresh with the majority of your outfits. You will probably get bored of the clothes you have bought when you see what everyone else is wearing. Therefore, we recommend only bringing a selection of your favourite clothing items with yourself – and also it is an excuse to buy new clothes!
If you’re still looking to secure a student flat for your first term at university then contact Newcastle Student Housing today! We have a range of student accommodation in Jesmond, Sandyford, and Heaton.

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