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The student guide to Valentine’s Day

The student guide to Valentine’s Day
Valentines decorated room

Although showing your loved one your appreciation for them shouldn’t be subject to just one day out of the year, we understand that trying to participate in Valentine’s day on a student budget can be hard. With an already tight pocket, we have put together some tips and ideas to help make Valentine’s Day special for you and your loved one whether you’re on a student budget or not!

Valentine Date Ideas…

Now, the typical dinner or drinks dates can be expensive. So why not steer away from the norm this Valentines Day and try something different… There are so many affordable date ideas you can take advantage of!

Decorate your room

Why not just decorate your student flat or room which some homemade decorations and invite your loved one round for a night in? Then you’re still enjoying the Valentines Day atmosphere but not spending a lot! All you would need to do is get some craft paper (colour of your choice), ribbon or even wool and just create heart shapes and turn them into a garland to hang around the room. Always remember that a little bit of effort can go a long way!

Valentines Day gift ideas…


One of our favourite gift ideas on a budget is to get something you know your loved one likes. So for example, a box of donuts and write on the lid with a love quote to go with the item! We love ‘I donut know where I’d do without you’. This is funny, cheap but also shows you have gone the extra mile.


I’m sure everyone has heard of this next gift idea… But it’s a classic so we couldn’t not include it. Create a list of little favours you can do for your loved one and then cut them all out and put them in a nice jar (everyone has a spare jar lying around). Then your loved one can redeem these vouchers or favours whenever they want! Meaning you don’t have to spend any money at all but the thought process behind it is strong.

Reasons why…

This idea is similar to the voucher idea, whereby you simply write down reasons why you love your partner and cut them out and put them in a jar or a nice box. Then your partner can read them and savor them forever. This is truly a lovely idea and costs nothing or very little!
For more hints and tips, take a look at our blog page. Here we have all the latest news for students in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. Click here to view our blog page.

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