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Student guide to getting fit

Student guide to getting fit
student get fit

For many students, getting fit may be on the bottom of your list, below the drinking, eating out, takeaways and partying! However, it is essential to keep on top of your fitness and it may even be one of your new year’s resolutions? If so, we have a guide to help you keep fit while still being a student. So take a look below.


#1 Get in the right mind-set

This may be over looked, however, if you are not fully into making a positive change in your life, then it will just slip away and you will be in the same routine as you were before. So it is important you want to do it for yourself. Therefore, it will only be you who gets you out of bed that little earlier or pushing yourself that little harder.


#2 Utilise the Universities facilities

Usually your university gym offers a great discounted price for students. It will usually be close to where you live, also you could go before or after class without having to leave the campus. Making it that little easier to motivate yourself when you don’t fancy going as you are already there!


#3 Make a plan

Making a plan is great and it can help you stick to it, enabling you to achieve your goal. Make sure you plan in socialising with your friends, rest days and lectures. Be reasonable and realistic, don’t expect your goals to happen in one week. Your structured plan will eventually become your lifestyle; so don’t put everything you have into the first week.


#4 Take it step by step

Remember fitness is a long term commitment, it’s not a quick fix. Therefore, we would suggest you start something you enjoy first. Activities you enjoy will get you motivated and therefore in the long run will get you fitter and into different types of exercises which wouldn’t have been your number one choice.


#5 Find a buddy

Starting your exercise programme with a friend will help you dramatically in the first few weeks. It will help attend more sessions and not letting the other person down. It will also give you a chance for a catch up, as well as pushing each other along when you feel like you need it. Pushing you get those extra 10 reps or whatever it may be!


As well as all of this, make sure you balance your lifestyle. As we said, it is a progressive way of living, helping you to achieve and then maintain your fitness and wellbeing.


For more tips and information on student living and guides to Newcastle, take a look at our blog page here.

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