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How to save money as a student

How to save money as a student
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January is always a difficult time for everyone, and especially for students! But don’t worry, if you are feeling the struggle, we have some top tips for you to help save money as a student! We have sieved through all the deals and tips to bring you what we think are the best hints and tips.


Save on food

When shopping for food, you don’t need to shop for the well-known brands, why not go for the supermarkets own brand. For most food products the taste is similar and the price is a lot cheaper.
Another way to save money on food, is to cook with friends. This can help with the quantity control and pricing. As usually cooking with more people can cut the costs down dramatically and it can potentially cut the wastage of food.


If you are at university for the whole day, why not take a packed lunch in? This can save a lot of money rather than spending on the meal deals at Uni, although they are good, they are expensive! So it could be beneficial to take your own in!


Take advantage of student discount

Many students are aware of this gold mine, but if you aren’t then you are welcome! First of all, make sure you buy an NUS Extra card, this is a £12 investment, but one you won’t regret! You can then start saving on big brands, either on food, fashion or even days out such as Odeon.


Make a budget



This may sound boring, but believe us, it will help! Making sure you keep on top of your budget will help you in the long run and will decrease the pressure of study! One easy way to budget is to create a spreadsheet. Create two columns; one with regular outgoings, and one with any income which you may receive. Then set yourself a limit, one way to try and stick to this limit is to draw out the cash you only need and leave your cash card at home. This will allow you to see physically how much you have left that week. Making sure you don’t spend on unnecessary things while out or at lectures.

Don’t buy all your books



While the university may tell you to buy your books from them, have a look around first! Many ex-students sell their books online for a fraction of the price. And as course books are expensive, this could really help your bank balance. You can usually find all the text books you need in the library as well, however make sure you take note of how long you are allowed to take these out for, as for some it is only a day or so.


For more hints and tips, take a look at our blog page. Here we have all the latest news for students in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. Click here to view our blog page.

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