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How to prepare for winter

How to prepare for winter

Summer is nearly over, and the colder months are slowly approaching us – faster than most of us would like! So we have some useful tips to help you prepare for winter and stay warm.


It’s all about layering

We all know being a student is difficult, having to budget yet still have enough money to go out. Which is why for some, heating may be at the bottom of your budget! So it is all about layering! This will help you adjust to different temperatures by simply putting more or less layers on.


Invest in a good coat

It’s not just about staying warm in your house, but also about staying warm while outside. So we would suggest you invest in a good coat. Don’t just buy a cheap one for the winter, make sure you buy a good one so you can wear it in the future winters. This is something which will be an investment but one which will benefit you in the future years


Hot water bottles are the way forward

Hot water bottles are not only good for aches and pains, but they are great for warming yourself up. A great tip which we love is to put the water bottle in your bed before you get in! Because nobody likes a cold bed at night!


Shut all the doors

If you are going to put the heating on, make sure all he doors are shut, to try and eliminate the amount of heat escaping. We would also suggest to shut your blinds or curtains; this doesn’t sound like it would achieve much but it is another layer of insulation from the cold air getting into your house.


Blankets are all you need

Blankets are one of the best investments you can get whilst at uni! They are the perfect item to help you keep warm. Our favourites are the thick fluffy ones, trust us, they will help you out tremendously!


Just remember it’s not cool to stay cool! prepare for winter!

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