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Prepare for the Easter break

Prepare for the Easter break
Easter eggs in the basket of wooden boards

Easter is the time of the year where most students are at the top of their ‘stress level’. With focus on getting dissertations handed in, essays to be completed and revision to be started for those all-important exams! Whatever you are doing, Easter can be a difficult and stressful time, therefore, preparation is key!

Which is why we have created a list for you to help you prepare when you break up for Easter. Take a look at our top tips to help.

Easter eggs in the basket of wooden boards

#1 Start early

Start early when packing, this will help with your stress level when it comes closer to the leaving date. You will be able to do packing in-between work and when you want a break, helping you out with stress and taking your mind off things.


#2 Book your travel

Whether you are driving, getting a lift, getting the train or flying back home. Organisation is key, and by booking your travel it could save you a huge amount of money. By booking it in advance, it can help with your bank balance.


#3 Make a list

This may sound old-school, however it can organise you and help you understand what is important. Make a list of the most important things. It is easy to forget somethings which you are using up until the day you move, like your phone chargers or laptop. Therefore, making a list of things will help you remember those all-important items which you won’t be able to live without at home!


#4 Start to pack for summer

When you return back after Easter, many students won’t have that long before they return home for the Summer. Therefore, if you can and have the room, it may be a good idea to start packing some items you don’t need/use to help with the packing for summer. It may be a good idea to take home your winter items, like your thick coats and boots – after all you shouldn’t need them!


#5 Return library books

This could cost you! Keeping library books after the due date can cost you quite a bit in money. So make sure you return any books which you will not be using over the Easter holidays. And if you are using any books, make sure you can renew them while at home, so there are no nasty surprises when you get return back to university.


#6 Tidy your room

It is always nice to come back to a tidy and clean room, therefore before you leave make sure you tide your room. Make sure you empty your bin, not only for a tidy room but also for hygiene reasons.


#7 Relax – it’s your Easter break

Don’t stress about moving out, you have enough on your plate, so relax – there is no need to stress. And remember when you do get home, make sure you have some work free days, after all it is your Easter break!


For more hints and tips, make sure you take a look at our blog page. And remember if you are still looking for accommodation for next academic year then click here to take a look at our full list of properties.

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