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Post graduate degree differs from an undergrad degree

Post graduate degree differs from an undergrad degree

Most undergraduate degrees are finished for the year now, and if that is you then congratulations! Now it is time to think about whether you want to do it all over again but with a post graduate degree! However, it’s not quite the same! So here are some key differences for you to consider before determining whether you want to go down that route.


Be prepared

If you think you will be able to get away with not reading that chapter, then think again. In a master’s degree, reading the set chapter is so important. The lectures and seminars will be more discussion based, therefore, preparation is essential.


More work

If you think the work load will be the same, then think again. A post graduate degree has a much bigger work load. With more essay writing and more behind the scene work. Including more engagement with primary research and critical analysis. You will find yourself having double the amount of projects to do in the same amount of time and they will most probably be longer!


Being independent

If you thought an undergraduate degree was being independent. Then a master’s degree is a whole different level. The tutors will give you the bare minimum, to enable you to go and research for yourself. However, that said, if you do find yourself stuck, then the tutors will help.


The dreaded dissertation

The dissertation of any level, whether it be an undergraduate or post graduate degree is the most challenging. This is where you need to be creative and find a topic which interests you but also something that is unique to you. This dissertation will include everything you have learnt over the past 4/5 years of study in this one piece of work.


The benefits

Having said all of this, a master’s degree can benefit you tremendously. Giving you a greater job prospective and helping you up the career ladder. The specialist knowledge you will gain will help you finding your perfect job, with the background knowledge to enter straight into that field.


You will be the minority. With a rising number of students going to university to gain a degree, it is more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, undertaking a masters degree will separate you from the crowd, as only 5% of the UK population have one.


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