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Picking your perfect flatmate

Picking your perfect flatmate
international students

It is around this time where you will start thinking who you should move in a house with for the following year. If you are in first year, it can be hard as you don’t really know who to choose as you have not known these people for long. However, don’t worry, we have created a guide to help you choose your perfect flatmate.


No mess please

Messy people can be hard to live with, make sure you know how messy they are before you decide to move in with them. Remember that you will have to live in the space for a whole year, so if you don’t think you will be able to cope, we wouldn’t recommend them as a flatmate for you.


Make sure you have similar interests

Group of drunk young people chilling at house party, laughing and drinking beer sitting on couch

Whether you love a party or can’t stand the thought of one, make sure your potential flatmates feel the same or at least can respect your decision. If you don’t go out, then make sure your flatmates understand that and are quiet when coming back from a night out, and not having an ‘after party’ back at yours! However, if you love a party and know you will make noise when returning, then it is probably best not to live with someone who doesn’t…as it wouldn’t be fair.


Make sure you know they can pay the bills

Money can be a difficult topic, so make sure you all agree on a price which you can all afford. Have a chat with everyone on what is going to be your budget for the rent and also how much you would preferably like to spend on bills. Make sure you have all agreed on this before you start looking.



Don’t rush into anything romantically

This could be the worst mistake you could make! However much you like them, it’s not a good idea. Whether you are a couple or you fancy them, make sure you tread carefully! This could have an impact on your studies if things don’t work out, and most importantly this is what you came to university for – to gain a good degree. So make sure you are fully aware of everything before you start the house hunting.


Should I live with my course mates?


Yes –

One of the most obvious benefits of moving in with your course mate is that you can both help each other when work is due. You can study, stress and relax together! When it is exam time, all housemates will be cautious of noise etc.


No –

It’s not healthy to be with someone 24/7. This is a psychological fact called ‘cabin fever’. Which means that if you spend too much time with someone, and in this case, you will be studying and living with each other then it will drive you mad, no matter how close you think you are.

You are also limiting yourself to one group of friends, if you are living with your course mates then your friendship group is going to be limited. You will become dependent on one group of friends, not getting the full benefit of a wider social circle.


If you have decided on who you want to live with, then make sure you find you perfect house with Newcastle Student Housing. Click here to view our full range of houses to rent.

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