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Making the most of the small room

Making the most of the small room
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Living in a house with your friends can be such an exciting experience. Moving away from home, living with friends, having your own space, is all great. Yet we all know that someone will be having the dreaded ‘box room’ if there is one in your house. The awkward talks about who will be going in that room is always a tough one, but someone has got to do it. And if it does fall down to you, then embrace it, it’s not that bad!

So if you do find yourself living in the smallest room, then don’t worry, we have a guide to help you make the most of the experience. And after all, it is an experience, and probably one which will last for a year, so make sure you make the most of it!


#1 Decorate

Decorating your room is key, make sure you decorate it with things which will make it homely. Adding fairly lights always add that little extra touch. Try and add lighter furnishings to make the room feel bigger, as adding darker posters, furnishings and details will make the room feel smaller and more compact.


#2 Embrace it

Many dread the small room, and you may do to. But if you happen to find yourself living in the small room, don’t moan about it…embrace it! After all, you are at uni, living with your friends, this will be one of the best times you’ll have, so embrace it and just think of the bright side. As well, you probably won’t be in it as much as you think!

Accept that it’s not quite what you wanted, but your house mates won’t appreciate you moaning 24/7. You can make it as homely as possible and just think, you’ve done your share of the small bedroom, so next year it will be your turn for the big bedroom!


#3 Storage storage storage

Storage is a huge thing, and if you are struggling for space then it can be useful to buy some cheap storage boxes. These can be a life saver and help organise things in your small room. If you are really struggling for space, then ask your flat mates for some storage outside of your house. It could be a cupboard, the loft, or a harry potter style under the stairs. Whatever the space, it will be yours and make sure to make the most of it!


So if you do happen to take the small room, it’s not all bad! Take these tips and you will have a great year living there. You might even find that you like the small rooms?

If you still haven’t found anywhere for next year, then don’t worry, we still have some great properties for rent. Take a look here to view our full list of properties.

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