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Jesmond trial travel app

Jesmond trial travel app
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The Jesmond community are getting the chance to trial a new app which has launched in Newcastle. This new app is called Catch! It will aim to help cut journey times for people located in Jesmond and the surrounding areas.

If you live or have a student flat in Jesmond, then you are qualified to download and trial the app. It will hopefully help reduce your travel time, enabling you to see the most up to date travel news.

The app will collect data from you, tracking your usual travel journey and habits. It will then start to pull out key information from the metro, bus and train services to warn you if your usual route is somehow delayed. The app will then aim to give you the quickest different route available. Showing you all the information you need to help you get to your destination in the quickest time possible.

The app will also send information back to travel operators to help quickly find and resolve travel issues. The local authority will then know as soon as possible when an incident has occurred.

Concerns by users

Some users were concerned about the data the app will collect. However, the chief operating officer claims that the data will not be an exact pinpoint where you live or work etc. Yet it will use a method called, ‘cloaking’ which will blur out the exact location. As it is not necessary to know this sort of information.

If you live or rent a house in Jesmond, then the app is available to download on iPhone or Android devices and further information about Catch! can be found here.

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