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Feel at home as an international student living in Newcastle

Feel at home as an international student living in Newcastle
international students

Studying abroad is a great experience, it will be something that you remember for the rest of your life. However, settling into a new city can be daunting, which is why we have created this guide to help you feel at home as an international student living in Newcastle. And remember this is Newcastle, we will always give you a big friendly Geordie welcome!



#1 Join a society


Here in Newcastle we have two great universities; Newcastle university and Northumbria University. Each university has great clubs and societies. Clubs and societies help you get involved in something that you enjoy and find similar people who enjoy the same activity. Both universities have an international student society. This will help you feel at home by getting to know people who are in the same situation as you as an international student living in Newcastle.


#2 Head to the Students Union


Get fully involved in student life, make sure you grab every opportunity you can! And the student’s union can help you do this. It has got all the information you need to help you get stuck into the student life.


#3 Get comfortable


Being away from home can be tough, which is why we suggest bringing some home comforts. Put items which remind you of home around your room. Decorate with photos, so you don’t feel too distant from your family and friends back at home.


#4 Don’t hide in your room


It can be easy to just hide away in your room, but make sure you get out and make new friends. Make an effort to talk to your flatmates and even flats around you! Try and talk to as many people as possible, to help you learn as much as possible! Also try to limit your skype calls home. By calling home once a week, you will have more to tell them and by doing things in the day will keep your mind off thinking about home.


#5 Explore Newcastle

Summer in Newcastle

You have chosen a great place to live! There is always something going on in this vibrant city. From shopping to the theatre, we have everything you could possibly think of here in Newcastle.

  • Shopping;

    In Newcastle we have great shopping facilities. Eldon Square is a great go to point with all the main shops right in the centre. Across the river is another shopping centre, a huge indoor shopping centre, and close to IKEA, to get all your student essentials.

  • Food;

    Newcastle has great diverse food, from Mexican, Asian fusion to Turkish. We have every type of food you can imagine. Newcastle also has a ‘Chinatown’. There are only 5 Chinatowns in England, so we are very proud of this cultural feature in our city.

  • Nightlife;

    Newcastle has been voted in the top 10 places to party in Europe. So whatever you are planning, you will certainly have a great night.

  • Theatre;

    The city has a beautiful theatre, located on the stunning street which is Grey Street. Grey street has been awarded as the most beautiful street in the UK by radio 4 listeners. So take a trip to our historic theatre to watch one of the great performances.

  • Coast;

    Take a trip to the coast on the metro, it only takes 25minutes and you will be walking along the beach. Remember to get involved with the British traditions, and grab yourself some fish and chips while you are on the coast.

  • Quayside;

    Make sure you head down to the quayside at night. The millennium bridge lights up and looks stunning. Also we would advise you to go to the quayside on a Sunday, as there is a market on every Sunday from 10am till 4pm. So head down to check out the local products which are on offer.


If you have not yet found a house to stay in Newcastle, don’t worry, we have a huge variety, from room shares to flats. Just come in and we will be happy to help! Click here to view our latest properties.

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