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How to make a house a home

How to make a house a home
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So you have finally got the keys for your new house. However, when you move in it can look a little different to what you expected. Yet when you add all your belongings in, it will look completely different. But to add that little extra touch, here at Newcastle Student Housing we thought we would create this blog post to help you make your house become a home!


#1 Set your bedroom out

The first place that you will want to get sorted is your bedroom. Once this all laid out to how you like it, you will feel more at home. We would suggest this is your first room to make exactly how you want it. If you are having trouble on how to decorate your room, then check out our guide on how to decorate your room in style.


#2 Place lamps around the house

Having mood lighting really makes a house feel like a home, it will be a relaxation tool to help you relax in your new house. Lamps instantly make a house feel homelier. Rather than having the overhead light on which can be too bright, these lamps will instantly make you feel relaxed into your new house.


#3 Light some candles or an infuser

If your house allows candles (remember to check your property details to see whether they do), then we would suggest to get a few around the house. If not infusers work just the same, both candles and infusers give off a great scent to allow you to immediately make your house feel like it is yours.


#4 Arrange a house warming

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Arranging a house warming a few weeks after you and your friends have moved in. It will give you something to look forward to. It will also encourage you to make you finish your new house to show off to all your friends. This will make you feel like you are at home and create your first proper memories in your new house.


#5 keep to your traditions

When moving to university, you can become homesick and this is normal. So we would suggest to keep to your traditions if you have any while at uni. This will hopefully not make it as hard when moving away. Whether it is a takeaway night on a Friday or a relaxing bubble bath on a Tuesday, we all have our traditions to keep to and this will hopefully put you more at ease.


If you haven’t yet found that perfect house to make your home, contact us and Newcastle Student Housing will be happy to help you find the perfect house for you. Or view our full range of properties here.

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