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Get fit the student way this January!

Get fit the student way this January!
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The dreaded time is upon, the fun filled indulgence of Christmas is sadly over and it’s time to hit the ground running (literally!) with your New Year fitness plans. If like most of us you feel you’ve indulged a little too much over the festive season, you’re probably planning a New Year health-kick and exercise plan to help you get back in shape. Factoring in some exercise into your timetable this semester is not only a great way to shed some of those extra Christmas pounds, but it’s the perfect way to keep both body and mind active. However, keeping fit as a student can be challenging. Motivation aside, fitness can be an expensive outlay for a student on a tight budget! This is why Newcastle Student Housing is here to help with our top tips for staying in shape and achieving your fitness goals the student way this January! No excuses – here’s how to get fit this January without spending a fortune…

#1 Get your steps in

Walk everywhere! According to the NHS website, walking is one of the easiest ways to get more activity into your day, lose weight and become healthier. What’s more, it’s free! Try to fit walking into your routine by ditching the car for short journeys, walking all or part of your journey to uni, getting off the bus or train one stop early, and planning longer walks at the weekends with family and friends!

#2 Cycle to uni

If it’s a bit too far for you to walk into uni, try cycling! It’s an easy and fun way to get more activity into your routine, and once you have invested in the bike (or asked mum and dad for one!) it’s absolutely free. It’ll also save you money on petrol or public transport costs.

#3 Take the stairs

If you are looking for an easy way to add more activity into your day, take the stairs. Stair climbing burns more calories per minute than jogging and counts – who knew! Research shows regularly taking the stairs is good for strong bones, cardiovascular fitness and weight management. It’s also a safe, low-impact exercise that requires no equipment – meaning it’s absolutely free.

#4 Cheap gym memberships

If you would like to join a gym in January, the most important thing for the student purse is to find an affordable option. Luckily, most university gyms are extremely affordable, and are often on campus with flexible rates! Alternatively, great places to look include The Gym Group and Pure Gym for cheap membership fees and student discounts.

#5 Home exercises

Working out at home can be effective too! With the YouTube revolution in full force, there is an abundance of fitness vloggers and bloggers offering home exercise sessions you can follow along with for absolutely no cost at all! Be careful to make sure you’re executing exercises properly, and you’re not straining yourself by using inappropriate equipment like carpets or rugs substituted for gym mats or unstable weighted objects.

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