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Food and drinks survival guide for students in Newcastle

Food and drinks survival guide for students in Newcastle

Choosing which university to go to can be hard, but we think Newcastle is definitely the place to be. There is a friendly rivalry between universities, as Newcastle is home to two; Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Therefore we have created a food and drinks survival guide for students.


So if you are coming to the wonderful place of Newcastle, we have created a food and drinks survival guide for students to help you along!


We all know that cooking is a worry for new students, so if you would like a rest from this new experience, then we have some great cheap places to turn to, helping you out now and then!



If you have ever been on Northumberland street at dinner time, then you will certainly have seen the queue for Eat4Less, crossing to the other side of Northumberland street. However, don’t worry, the queue goes down fast, so you won’t be waiting too long!

This is a great cheap sandwich shop, and one which students love!



If you want something a little more substantial, then a good pub meal is what you need. With Wetherspoon’s being so good and cheap, it’s the place to be! Around Newcastle there are 6 Wetherspoon’s for you to choose from, so you won’t be struggling to find one.



If you would like to relax in the comfort of your own home, then dominos is a student’s lifesaver! Can’t be bothered to cook? Forgot your food shop? Feeling hungover? Domino is there to help you out! They are always advertising great deals to help you out as a student too, so check before you order.


Treble bars

Trebles are Newcastle’s famous drinks, often finding treble bars dotted around the city. Great for ‘pre-drinks’ before you hit the final destination on a night out. Soho Rooms and Empress bar are great treble bars, frequently offering some deals that can’t be resisted!


Sophisticated drinks

If you are looking for somewhere to have a cocktail and relax, then Newcastle has plenty of bars perfect for this. With cocktail bars like the Alchemist and the Botanist, Newcastle has cocktails that will blow you away!

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