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Common myths about university

Common myths about university
uni deadlines

If you are heading to university or thinking about whether to go, you’ll have probably heard so many things about it, that you just don’t know which to believe! So we are here to put some things straight and help you understand which are myths and which are true!


#1 Buy everything before you get there

We urge you not to do this! Firstly, don’t even try, you won’t be able to fit it all in the car! You’ll be living with other people, see what they bring. And whatever you are missing, buy it there, you can then split the cost and save yourself money while you at it!

And remember, you’ll likely be heading home at some point, so anything that you are missing, you can always grab it then. Just remember, there are only a few essential items you need to survive, so help yourself out and only bring the essentials.


#2 “First year at University doesn’t count”

Many people will tell you that classic line “First year doesn’t count”, “don’t bother in first year”. While this is partly true, you do still need to do some work in first year, you’ll need to do enough to pass the whole year and each module. So even if the overall grade doesn’t count, you’ll still need to do work in order to pass.

It also doesn’t hurt to make a good impression on your lecturers and getting into the swing of attending those 9am’s ready for the next few years.


#3 Next year’s house needs sorting ASAP

You’ll probably have only just settled into your accommodation after the whirlwind of fresher’s week when people are telling you to sort out your house for the next year. However, you have a bit of time before that. As a letting agency ourselves, we have the best inside knowledge on this subject!

We would recommend to sort your house out as soon as possible but once they have all gone on the market. We would suggest starting to look at houses around the end of October/start of November.


If you have not got your property for next academic year, then take a look at our houses for the 2018/19 academic year here.

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