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Why choose to study in Newcastle?

Why choose to study in Newcastle?
Summer in Newcastle

If you are choosing where to study, we couldn’t think of anywhere better than Newcastle-Upon-Tyne! We love it here in Newcastle and we thought we would give you some of the reasons why we think you should choose to study in Newcastle!


#1 2 great Universities to study in Newcastle!


We have 2 fantastic universities here in Newcastle, Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Both of these specialise in different departments. Newcastle university is great for its science and research, whereas Northumbria specialises in Business. Northumbria has recently won the Times Higher Education Awards for the Business School of the Year awards 2015. So wherever you choose, you will certainly be in a top university for education.


#2 Best University city in the UK


Newcastle is an affordable city to live in. Which is one of the reasons why it has been named the best university city in the UK. Not once but TWICE! So it’s not just us who thinks Newcastle is a great place to study!


#3 Easy to get to


Newcastle has great transportation links, not only to get into Newcastle but once you are in this vibrant city. It has great transportation links around the city. With the metro, you can get anywhere fast. If you want to go to the East Coast, the Metro can get you there in under 20 minutes while also being cheap.


In addition to this, Newcastle has just been voted for as the best airport in the country. 13 airports were marked on cleanliness, shopping, Wi-Fi, security and waiting time. So we if you come and study in Newcastle, you will have all the best links to get away on a quick and stress-free holiday.


#4 The night life is not to be missed


Newcastle is famous for its night life! Which is one of the reasons why students love it here so much. If you haven’t heard of trebles before, you will certainly be getting use to the phrase ‘3 trebles for £5 please’, and it will probably be your most used phrase! With bars like Empress, Bijoux and Soho these ‘pre bars’ will be your life saver for cheap drinks!


Newcastle nightlife has been recognised as one of the top places in the UK, Europe and the World for nightlife. Therefore, if you do decide to study in Newcastle then you will sure to be impressed by the nightlife we have to offer!


#5 Shop till you drop


If you like shopping, then Newcastle is the place for you! Newcastle has great places to shop, with Eldon Square in the centre of Newcastle and the Metro Centre over the river, there are plenty of places to go to.


#6 The best street in Britain


If you choose to come to Newcastle, then you will be studying in the city which has the best looking street in Britain voted by Radio 4 listeners. Grey Street was voted the best looking street, thanks to its Georgian architecture, and the street being on a bend, it makes it look stunning all times of the day. It even looks nice on a rainy day!


If you are already living in Newcastle and need a place to live. Then get in contact with us, we have great properties for all students. Click here to view our full range of properties.

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