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10 things all students should do in Newcastle

10 things all students should do in Newcastle
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If you have chosen to study in Newcastle, then you have chosen the right place! Newcastle is the perfect place to enjoy student life! We have created a list of things students should do in Newcastle and hope to be completed by the end of your time in this wonderful city! Make sure you try and complete all of these to make the most of your experience here in Newcastle.


#1 Go on a night out

Group of drunk young people chilling at house party, laughing and drinking beer sitting on couch

This is probably the first thing you do as a fresher! Which is why it’s at the top of our list! Newcastle has been voted for as one of the best nights out in Europe. So it seems like you have picked the right place if you want to party!


#2 Visit the angel of the North

The angel of the North is Britain’s largest sculpture, which is a reason in itself to go and visit it! It’s also thought to be the largest angel sculpture in the world! So make sure you make a trip up to it whilst at uni!


#3 Newcastle united match

Even if you are not a big football lover, St James park is a great stadium to go to. It has great atmosphere, and if you can, try and go on derby day! A day you won’t forget!


#4 Have a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale


If you come to Newcastle, then you’ll have to try our delicacy, which is of course our very own Newcastle Brown Ale. It is the most popular imported ale from the UK into America. Which means it must be good! So make sure you try it when you are next out.


#5 Have a stottie

When you are in Newcastle, you need to try a stottie cake, this is a type of bread so don’t be fooled by ‘cake’ in the name. It originates in the North East, and Geordies love it!


#6 Quayside markets

There is plenty of things to do at the weekend. One of our favourites it to go to the quayside markets on a Sunday. They are open from 10am-4pm. A great little place to find all the local producers come together in one place.


#7 Have a day at the coast

summer in Newcastle

Everybody loves a day a day at the beach! So what better way than to spend it at 3 great different beaches? Here in the North East we have 3 great different beaches, so for more information on going to the coast. Take a read of our blog ‘let’s go to the beach’.

#8 Go to the Baltic

The Baltic is a contemporary art venue, free of charge with great contemporary art on exhibition. It is on the south side of the River Tyne and if you go onto floor 4, there is a great viewing platform over the River Tyne, we would suggest to try and get there when the millennium bridge is up, a unique view from up high!


#9 See live music

Newcastle has many live music venues, for the small and upcoming artists to the professional artists. There are small independent venues like the Cluny which always have acts on every week. Or there are venues like the O2, Newcastle City Hall and the Metro arena. All with huge names for every genre of music.


#10 Jesmond dene

Jesmond dene

Newcastle isn’t just a built up city, it has some great outdoor areas too! And the most popular one is Jesmond dene. This beautiful park has some great historic features with a water mill. It has something for everyone with a pets corner for the children and a great little café.


For more information on anything to do with Newcastle, get in contact with us, we are always happy to help with any queries about this great city!

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