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10 memes that all students can relate to

10 memes that all students can relate to
Newcastle Student Housing

There are many times where you feel like you can’t express your emotions through words so at Newcastle Student Housing we’ve complied a list as to how you might be feeling. So take a break from that assignment you’re writing and read some of the funniest student memes on the internet.

  1. That moment where you try to figure out if you have enough money to go out or if you have to stay
Newcastle Student Housing

2. When you wake up the next morning and realise that you shouldn’t have gone out because you now have a mountain of work to do

Newcastle Student Housing

3. When you feel like you get on top of the work but you forgot about that one last essay

Newcastle Student Housing


4. So when you eventually start the new work, your frustration with Microsoft word begins all over again

Newcastle Student Housing



5. And then you remember you should have done enough work to pass the module anyway

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 14.27.316. But then you remember that for part of the module you have to work as part of a group

Newcastle Student Housing

7. Your lecturer still doesn’t understand the speed at which you take down notes

Newcastle Student Housing

8. And then you get so annoyed about this lecture that you don’t bother going to the following seminar

Newcastle Student Housing

9. Then you think you’ll be able to gain some marks on the exam but turns out that’s not the case

Newcastle Student Housing

10. Finally, you decide to just give up on everything and take a well deserved nap

Newcastle Student Housing

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