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The best bars in Newcastle – celebrate your final uni term!

As the end of term is nearing and you’re coming closer to finishing university for the summer, we think a celebration is in order! Newcastle is home to plenty of clubs, bars and day drinking spots, so whether you’ve already finished all your exams or need to relieve that final bit of deadline stress, we’ve selected a few of our favourite student friendly bars in Newcastle to kick off your end of term celebrations.   Revolution With a contemporary and stylish atmosphere, Revolution is the perfect place to celebrate in style with their infamous, classy cocktails and tempting food menu. Original features and high ceilings make up this bar and visually it is very appealing. Chilled day drinking celebrations are perfect here but Revolution also turns into an energetic venue with live musicians and DJ’s later in the evening.   Pitcher and Piano A trip down to the Quayside is a must, especially if the weather is nice and sunny. We think Pitcher and Piano is one of the best places to start an evening of celebratory drinks. You have the choice of sitting out in the beer garden to enjoy the glorious views of the River Tyne or you […]
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Making the most of the small room

Living in a house with your friends can be such an exciting experience. Moving away from home, living with friends, having your own space, is all great. Yet we all know that someone will be having the dreaded ‘box room’ if there is one in your house. The awkward talks about who will be going in that room is always a tough one, but someone has got to do it. And if it does fall down to you, then embrace it, it’s not that bad! So if you do find yourself living in the smallest room, then don’t worry, we have a guide to help you make the most of the experience. And after all, it is an experience, and probably one which will last for a year, so make sure you make the most of it!   #1 Decorate Decorating your room is key, make sure you decorate it with things which will make it homely. Adding fairly lights always add that little extra touch. Try and add lighter furnishings to make the room feel bigger, as adding darker posters, furnishings and details will make the room feel smaller and more compact.   #2 Embrace it Many dread the […]
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Top 5 student house hunting tips

You might just be settling in to your new house, however, it is time to start thinking about next year. Our property list for academic year 2018/19 is now available. You can click here to view our full range of properties we have on offer. However, before you do this, take a look at our top 5 tips for student house hunting.   #1 who is your housemate So first of all, who do you want to live with? It can be difficult deciding your flatmate a year in advance. However, don’t worry, we have a blog to help you decide how to pick your perfect flatmate.   #2 What is your budget? The next thing to do is to decide on your budget. Make sure it is one which everyone can afford. It is easy to get carried away, but when set a realistic budget it is easy to separate what you can and can’t afford. Let the letting agency know so they can tailor their property search around you. Making sure they are only showing you properties which you can afford.   #3 Location, Location, Location Now it’s about choosing your location. This is very important, and this […]
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Picking your perfect flatmate

It is around this time where you will start thinking who you should move in a house with for the following year. If you are in first year, it can be hard as you don’t really know who to choose as you have not known these people for long. However, don’t worry, we have created a guide to help you choose your perfect flatmate.   No mess please Messy people can be hard to live with, make sure you know how messy they are before you decide to move in with them. Remember that you will have to live in the space for a whole year, so if you don’t think you will be able to cope, we wouldn’t recommend them as a flatmate for you.   Make sure you have similar interests Whether you love a party or can’t stand the thought of one, make sure your potential flatmates feel the same or at least can respect your decision. If you don’t go out, then make sure your flatmates understand that and are quiet when coming back from a night out, and not having an ‘after party’ back at yours! However, if you love a party and know you […]
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How to prepare for winter

Summer is nearly over, and the colder months are slowly approaching us – faster than most of us would like! So we have some useful tips to help you prepare for winter and stay warm.   It’s all about layering We all know being a student is difficult, having to budget yet still have enough money to go out. Which is why for some, heating may be at the bottom of your budget! So it is all about layering! This will help you adjust to different temperatures by simply putting more or less layers on.   Invest in a good coat It’s not just about staying warm in your house, but also about staying warm while outside. So we would suggest you invest in a good coat. Don’t just buy a cheap one for the winter, make sure you buy a good one so you can wear it in the future winters. This is something which will be an investment but one which will benefit you in the future years   Hot water bottles are the way forward Hot water bottles are not only good for aches and pains, but they are great for warming yourself up. A great tip which we […]
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How to make a house a home

So you have finally got the keys for your new house. However, when you move in it can look a little different to what you expected. Yet when you add all your belongings in, it will look completely different. But to add that little extra touch, here at Newcastle Student Housing we thought we would create this blog post to help you make your house become a home!   #1 Set your bedroom out The first place that you will want to get sorted is your bedroom. Once this all laid out to how you like it, you will feel more at home. We would suggest this is your first room to make exactly how you want it. If you are having trouble on how to decorate your room, then check out our guide on how to decorate your room in style.   #2 Place lamps around the house Having mood lighting really makes a house feel like a home, it will be a relaxation tool to help you relax in your new house. Lamps instantly make a house feel homelier. Rather than having the overhead light on which can be too bright, these lamps will instantly make you feel […]
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Decorate your uni room in style

Be the trend setter of your uni friends with these interior design trends perfect to brighten up your uni room. If you have got into your room and are thinking you have no idea what to do with this huge bare room, fear not! We have some great ideas to help you make the most of your room and show you how to decorate your uni room in style.   Add lighting While natural daylight is great, it is always good to have some additional lighting to your room. Most girls go for the fairy light effect, while boys find it harder on choosing additional lighting. We would suggest the Pixar style lamp, these are cheap, and look great too!   Add a rug A rug tends to finish off a room, they not only look good but they are also very practical. As you are in university accommodation, any marks or damages will have to be paid for, and so a rug will help clear any spillages on the floor, meaning no charges will be coming your way! The in-trend rugs at the moment are the geometrical style. They draw your eye into a focal point, allowing you to […]
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Student guide on what to take to university

Congratulations! If you have just found out you have got into uni, or you are going into the next year of university, well done! Now comes the stressful part on what to pack, but don’t worry we have a guide to help you decide what to take to university and what you can live without!   As most people haven’t been away from home for more than 3 weeks, it can be very difficult to know what to pack and leave at home. Which is why it can be tempting to pack everything including the kitchen sink so you don’t get the dreaded feeling that you’ve forgot something. But stick to our list and you’ll be fine!   Before you start, make sure you check what your halls/house provide you. Most halls come equip with kettles and irons etc., so make sure you check so you don’t have double.   Miscellaneous Driving licence, or some form of ID Passport if you are entering a private rented accommodation from an agency due to right to lent legislation. University admissions letter Student finance documents Accommodation documents Bank details and bank cards First aid items (Remember to pack plenty of paracetamol for the […]
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Student guide to moving into your new house

It’s getting to that time where you are moving into your new house, ready to start another year of uni! You have found the perfect new home, now it’s the hard part…trying to fit all your possessions into one car. Once you have managed to play Tetris with it all, it is time to head to your new house. It can be daunting moving into a new house. So we have tried to make it easier for you and created a list to help make sure you haven’t missed anything!   Make sure all paperwork is signed before moving into your new house Before you move in, every tenant from the house needs to make sure they have completed all their paperwork. Otherwise no one can collect their keys. This includes all the tenancy agreements must be signed, all references checked and guarantor forms to be completed. So we advise to get these done as soon as possible.   Remember your passport With the new Right to Rent legislation, you must provide us with your passport and if needed a residence permit. This is essential for you to be able to collect your keys.   Make sure you do an […]
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Student guide to help setting up your utility bills

Moving into a new house can be difficult and stressful. Therefore you want to try and make the move as stress free as possible. Setting up your utility bills for a house share can be difficult, especially if you are living with multiple people. It is important you think about when your bills are due and how you are going to pay them on time. The best way we would suggest is to split the responsibility. So everyone is involved with prioritising the bills and making sure they are paid on time.   Split the responsibility We would recommend splitting the bills as it involves everyone and no one is left with the sole responsibility. For example, each tenant takes on the responsibility of either gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi or TV licence. Then when each of the bills are due, each tenant collects the money from each housemate. This makes it quick and simple, and is fair for each housemate. One thing to remember if taking this approach, each tenant must have enough money to pay for the whole bill unless you get payment upfront.   Download a bill splitting app As a student you may be use to apps […]
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