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Checklist for moving out of your property.

Checklist for moving out of your property.
University accommodation

Saying goodbye to your university accommodation can be sad, remembering all the memories that you have had in your house/flat. Whether it is your first, second or third year, moving out can be stressful. Therefore, we have created a checklist so you don’t leave anything behind, or forget to do important tasks.


#1 Check with your landlord

Different properties require different actions when moving out of your accommodation, for example some may want the fridge/freezer switching off where some landlords don’t require this. Therefore, it is essential to check with your landlord what the right procedure is for your property.


#2 Check everywhere

Make sure you don’t leave anything behind, checking under the bed, behind the wardrobe and under the kitchen sink. Make sure nothing is left behind. Start organising your stuff at least a week before you leave, then you can make a checklist of anything that you need to remember when it comes to moving day.


#3 Turn off lights and power points

Once you have packed your car with your belongings, it’s time to do one last check. When doing this, make sure you go around each room switching off all lights and power sockets, as this will add onto your end of term electricity bill. It is also a potential fire hazard with no one there to see it.


#4 Check windows and doors

When you are doing your final check, make sure you check that all windows are shut properly, if you had a key for them, make sure they are locked with the key. Also this is a good chance to check all the doors. If your bedroom door has a key, make sure it is locked and checking the back door if your property has one.


#5 Take Utility readings

You may be expected to pay the utility bill after moving out. Therefore, make sure you take a utility bill reading, this is just to protect you for any discrepancies you may have with your landlord.


#6 Take photos

This should be your last task, making sure you take photos of how you left the property. This is for your records, so you can pass on any issues to your landlord.


#7 Hand your keys in

Check where you need to hand your keys in, it will probably be the office, but make sure before you do. Once this is done, you may need to sign some final paperwork depending on your property.


#8 Safe journey home

We are happy you joined us for the year, and we hope you have had an enjoyable stay with us. We hope you have a safe journey home!



If you are looking for a property for next year, click here to view our properties.

Contact us on 0191 209 4556 if you would like any more information on any of our properties.

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